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What Are Social Problems In Nigeria – 10 Top

What are social problems in Nigeria – 10 top

Social problems are found in any type of community. They are solved easily where people understand their social responsibility and live up to the standard. The solution starts with acknowledging the problem and understanding it.

 Some people believe that social problems have to be solved by the government or by someone else. They do not seem to understand their share of social responsibility in solving them. However, identifying a problem as a social one allows the society to use its communal resources for its elimination. Surely, the government has its social services, which use money, education, assistance and other tools to resolve the issue.

Still, individual members of community and various entities, such as churches, charities or companies, should not shun their share of responsibility and their load of work. In many cases, such problems as poor education are not viewed by people involved in them as their direct responsibility. They do not believe they can really do something to fix them, thus, they mostly remain unsolved and people keep on complaining. That is why understanding the idea of social problems is so important for all of us.

As you see, it is not enough to just identify problematic social conditions, we need to find an adequate solution for them, although, realizing them is an integral part of that solution.

What are social problems in Nigeria?

  1. National identity problem

Recently Nigeria has celebrated its 55th independence anniversary. This country is young and it was created artificially after its decolonization. The land is shared by a huge number of tribes and that plays the key part in shaping contemporary social problems for Nigeria.This country struggles to gain its national idea and identity that would unite all the ethnic and religious groups within it. The conflicts related to Biafra, Boko Haram and other issues create significant tension in the community.

2. Poverty
social problems in Nigeria
What are major social problems examples for this country? Among the top social scourges of Nigeria is poverty. It becomes the cause of many other troubles in the society. A large portion of population lives below the poverty line.

Since 2004 the number of people, who have just $1.25 per day to spend has constantly grown. The same can be said about the number of people, who survive on just $2 per day. Presently over 70% of the country’s population live under the poverty line and this percentage has rapidly increased from almost 35% in 1992 to over 70% in 2010 and on.

3. Corruption

And rapid population growth is not the only cause of poverty in Nigeria. Corruption is a great contributor to this social issue. Some of Nigerian politicians and people in ruling offices in just one year make as much, as other citizens would make in 65 years! Corrupted system and failure of justice leads to bribes, stealing, manipulation, etc. Poor people hardly have any civil rights, while the rich ones become only wealthier every year.

4. Inequality
 problems in Nigeria Nigeria is the Giant of Africa. Its economy is the largest one on the continent and the GDP continue to grow. However, those goods and natural resources are not spread equally among the population. Nigeria is called a rich country with poor people. In fact, the richest man in Africa comes from Nigeria (Aliko Dagnote).

And he is not the only one in the list of the richest persons of this continent.
The problem is that the main part of population of the country is engaged in agriculture. This sector is where the poverty rules. The main riches come from oil production, but only few people have access to this sector of economy. So, poor become even poorer and rich gain more wealth.

5. Terrorism

Boko Haram has made Nigeria famous throughout the world. This Islamic organization fights against western ways of life, education, medicine and other things. Hundreds of people have been killed during the attacks of terrorisms and millions got displaced from their home villages and towns. That greatly contributes to social problems in Nigeria.

6. High level of child mortality

social problems What are some social problems in this country? This is one of the saddest of them. In 2015 child mortality rate in Nigeria has reached an immense level. Every day over 2000 children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition, diseases and poor care. Nigeria takes the second place among all the countries in the world by the child mortality rate!

Poverty, lack of education among women and poor health care system keep it at such a high level. In most cases antibiotics that cost under $10 dollars could have saved a life of a child, but such luxury is unavailable to their parents, who make living on just 1.25 dollars per day!

7. Unemployment

Currently the unemployment rate in Nigeria is 8.2%. In parts it is caused by the displaced persons, who were forced to leave their homes and flee. This creates social psychological issues and evokes enmity between different tribes in the country. People leave their homes and go to overpopulated cities, such as Lagos, looking to make their living and get a better life.
8. Poor education
 social problems in Nigeria 8Many acknowledge that educational system of Nigeria has crushed. They blame corruption and government for such an outcome. Only little over 50 percent of Nigerian women can read or write and that rate is a bit higher for men – 70%. In the early 2000 the situation started to improve, but now the number of illiterate people has grown again.

That has become a real problem, as our world is technocratic. People with no special skills and knowledge have little chances of succeeding in it.
9. Tribalism

Tribal conflicts are natural for Nigeria, as this country has never existed before. There are several major tribes, such as Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. All the tribes have their own religion, culture, languages. It is not surprising that they engage in conflicts and fight over the power in the newly shaped country. Even 50+ years is not enough to bring those tribes to unity and shape their national identity.
10. Home violencesocial problems in Nigeria 10

This might seem like a controversial issue for some people. In some cultures home violence against children and women is considered to be Ok. However, that is a real problem. Often times it is tightly related to alcohol or drug abuse. At times it leads to serious injuries or even murders. In most cases the victims of such crimes have nowhere to turn to for help.

social problems in Nigeria 6

Now you know the 10 top types of social problems in Nigeria. No doubt, these are serious issues and they demand government strategies and ruling to solve them. But what are the main causes of social problems in this state? Why does it seem like the authorities are unable to cope with them successfully?
The answer is that those problems are rooted in the hearts and minds of people. They cannot be uprooted by any social program that is not aimed at raising the level of social responsibility and awareness. The only way to deal away with them is by “awakening” people and helping them realize that they are the part of the problem and they should become the part of the solution as well.

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