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Our mission

Below are a list of what we will like to see change in our nation. We believe we can bring about these changes with the help, togetherness and cooperation of every Nigerian.

If there was just a single objective that we had to achieve and dedicate all our endeavours to, it will be making sure the whole nation has a stable and consistent electricity supply. We as a movement believe after 57 years of independence, Nigeria should have the basic necessity of mankind but unfortunately that isn’t the case. When it comes to the economy, believe it or not electricity is the backbone of any stable or developed nation, it opens up doors to anything and everything growth. As a movement, we will strive to make sure this becomes a reality as we do not want to see Nigeria in darkness anymore. We understand the significant impact that this will bring to the lives of our people but also the economy of our nation.

Far too long now Nigeria has been a democratic country, but sometimes it’s extremely hard to identify what exactly we call democracy.

In reality we there will always be rich and poor people, some are effective in their pursuit for success others not so much. Some people don’t even have ambition at all, but as a movement we believe in balancing the scales. Even for the less fortunate or less savvy ones amongst us, we believe the government can be a vocal point in creating a less challenging and demanding economy, an economy where things are slightly more straight forward, information is readily found and structured. After all the government was elected for a reason, to make ease on the pain of every Nigerian either young or old, make easier each individuals path to success. A lot of these is also based on individuals but as a movement we believe the government can and should play a greater role in helping the people of our nation live a much better life by creating an economy that works for all and not just the rich among us.

We can not stress the importance of education enough, and it’s not a secret that our educational system in Nigeria is extremely lacking to put it mildly. Unless you have the financial resources to put your children through private school these days, the level of education that’s on offer isn’t ideal to say the least. Young adults are wasting much of their adulthood studying a degree for longer than necessary. This just goes back to what we said about creating an economy that works for all. As a movement we believe a certain level of education is needed throughout the whole of our nation. Wether rich or poor, you should have access to a level of education that puts you in the driving seat of your own destiny. We believe in creating a better future for the next generation but that will be pointless if they don’t have the knowledge to at least maintain it, or better still make it even better for the next generation to come.

Without even emphasising too much on this issue we all know this is a major problem in Nigeria. The people of our nation are not safe, not even the rich. There are certain areas in each individual states that you don’t dare to travel through after a certain time. As a movement we believe we have the knowledge and power to change this diabolical mess our great nation finds itself, we believe a government should take lead on issues like this. There’s are individual steps to follow in other to rectify such problem but we as a movement just don’t see any plan from our currently elected government in making Nigeria safe for the rich let alone for the poor.

For the privileged and fortunate ones among us, we all know know tremendous the healthcare we receive abroad is compared to what we have at home, even at a private hospital. We pride ourselves as the Giant of Africa yet we are lacking so much in all department.

As a tradition in Nigeria, we’ve been brought up to respect and look after the elderly in our individual families, but what is the government actually doing to help the old and frail in the society? What are they doing to ease the burden this particular issue puts on our young men and women who are just trying to make ends meet after they’ve finished school or in some cases still studying. Far too often have we seen young adults having to cater for themselves, there parents and grandparent and probably even have a child or two of their own. As a movement we believe we need to educate some of our younger adult in terms of offspring and how it affects their life and future. We also believe there should be help from the government where we have some sort of social service that actually physically helps the elderly. We believe as a nation, we should give medical, financial, accommodation and emotional support to the elders in order to ease the strain and burden on the younger generation who are just trying to find their feet in life.

In most area of our infrastructure in Nigeria, we have a history of terrible regulatory authorities. From the structure of how private or commercial buildings are built, to how many individuals can be accommodated in a particularly building or confined space, there is actually no guidance from the government in relations to such issues. At ECIN, we believe in order for us to tackle this issue we need to have set guidelines as to how buildings are built and how many individuals can be accommodated in any given space. Far too often do we see a whole family of five people living under one room and also sharing one bathroom and toilet with four other groups of five family members. This is highly unhygienic and ECIN believes we should have a system in place to regulate and tackle such issues.

Here at ECIN, we believe too many Nigerians are living below what we call a good quality of life. Without having to go into too much detail about what issues have direct impact on this matter, the underlining problem here is structure and poverty. If we don’t deal with these issues as a nation then we can never accomplish a good quality of life for the majority of Nigerians.

At ECIN we believe each and every Nigeria should have access to a general level of equality, whatever it may be. There are basic services currently in Nigeria, be it privately or nationally that are only available to the rich because they are the only ones that can afford to pay for it. Such services are probably meant to be offered for free, but due to the state of our governing body individuals or groups of people within a sector are left to do as they please and charge extortionate prices for mere services that should be offered freely.

Without even digging too much into this, buying a property is Nigeria currently is quite expensive for an average Nigerian. Such luxury is only available to the rich in today’s Nigeria. There are vast amount of people who work hard, live their whole life into old age and not being able to acquire a property. We believe a hard working Nigeria should be able acquire a property of their own at some point in their lifetime. We understand maybe not everybody can have a property, but at ECIN we believe in having a system in place that at least ensure a safe and permanent accommodation after retirement.

Most advance nations around the world have some sort of housing structure to in order to accommodate the less privileged in their community. We at ECIN believe we have the resources as a nation to accomplish this. With the right tools and in the right position we can deliver such services to the people of Nigeria.

Firstly jobs need to be provided before we talk about working hours, but it is very important that we get ahead of this as there’s too many irregularities and unregulated procedures within too many working environment in Nigeria.

This is probably one of the most important aspects within a government, yes our government is crucially behind when it comes to regulations. At ECIN we believe this is the backbone of making sure rules and regulations are adhered and complied with.

Far too often do we hear about situations in Nigeria where people properties are being looted and armed robbery on roads. At ECIN we have the means to combat such Atrocity in our nation. Like most of our problems in Nigeria there are certain steps and guidelines that needs to be resolved first before we can fully eradicate such issue like this.

In this day and age, with the intelligence knowledge our people have acquired and how advance we are, Nigeria should be so much more further when it comes to technology. Like many other nations, we should be looking at how we can advance as a nation, working on electrical cars, less polluting public transport, regular and safe trains, underground tube, overhead trains, double decker buses, less polluting privately owned busses. These are all areas we believe we should be excelling but with our current crop of leaders, there’s not a single indication that this will even change in the next 10 years.

This significance of this in modern day Nigeria is so huge to say the least. Nigeria is one of the most polluted countries on the planet and it’s getting worse.

At ECIN we have a lot of sporting enthusiast and as we all know Nigeria isn’t exactly a leading nation when it comes to this department. One thing we know is we lose too many of our young talented individuals to other nations they decide to adopt due to various reasons. Here at ECIN we don’t think this should be the case. We believe we should have our talented sportsmen and women representing us in their individual sports, putting us on the sporting map, making our nation a leading figure where ever possible but we should also have necessarily support available for them be it finically, physically, mentally or just providing them with adequate training equipment to improve their natural abilities.

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