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Charity Work

Here at ECIN, the wellbeing of our people, children and the elderly especially is an integral aspect of our current and future plan.
In our experience, we don’t find big household charity organisations as effective as they should, so we support and provide funds to single individuals or small groups of people who deliver charity aid to the less privileged people and communities.

Below is some information relating to the charity aid we provide funds to.

Adebowale Oyeola

Hi, my name Adebowale Oyeola and I provide school materials to kids in Oyo state of Nigeria. All the kids we make provision to are from families who can’t afford to provide their children with any level of education. In a lot of cases these kids start school but can’t finish as their parents can’t sustain the school fees, so we also take on that burden to make sure they at least have some sort of education at an early age. Unfortunately we can only help in terms of school fees for one term as our funds don’t stretch wide enough to cater for all, so we prioritise on the basis that if the family can pay the fees then we can help with uniform and schooling materials. Funds from ECIN will be greatly appreciated and will go a very long way in providing assistance to the children we cater for.

Chukwudi Opakama

I was in tears when I saw an elderly lady at the age of 75 years old on the streets of Anambra, asking for money to eat as she has no money to survive. Nigeria is a country where majority of people are extremely selfish, all we care about is ourselves, not even our family members. As I spoke to the old lady, I quickly realised how much suffering she has endured, I went back with her to what she calls a home which was just a little shack on a rural village. To my disgust I found a few other old ladies and men in the surrounding areas. The country has abandoned this people, there’s literally no hope for them and there’s nothing to suggest that that’s going to change anytime soon. They’ve been abandoned by their family, let down by a country that has no plans for the old, and one day this could be any of us or our parents. I took it upon myself, with the help of two friends of mine, we decided to pay these people visits once a week, we provide them with food and clothing provisions. It’s far from the sort of help they really need at their old age, but they’re hanging in and surviving with our help. This is by no means for anybody to live at such an old age. With the help of ECIN, I believe myself and my two friends can provide a bit more supply of food and clothing to these peoples.

Thank you

Festus Okafor Adenuga

Growing up on the streets of Lagos, I’ve always wondered why there are so many disabled beggars just sitting on the street corners and begging in order to buy their next hot meal. From a very young age I’ve wondered if that was always going to be their life and if they can actually do anything to change their situation. In life, we all need a helping hand, somehow some way, but these guys have absolutely no help at all apart from what they get from the streets on a daily basis which isn’t much anyway. Some of them are not even seen as humans let alone as equal to a fully abled bodies. We do not have a system in this nation that protects or provide the most tangible of anything for them. Even among the rich, if you are born disabled, there is a possibility you might end up on the street due to abuse and lack of knowledge of our fellow Nigerians. Some disabled people within their community are seen as cursed and are even forbidden from stepping into certain communities. I work with a group of 5 people and we go around Lagos every week to provide necessary clothing and food to these people. Some of the provisions are knee pads, gloves, bread, money, bag, cups, bottled water. From time to time we also pick them up to a secluded place where they can have a good bath. We are trying to work out how we can better affect Their lives in our communities, we are looking to provide small accommodations for them, possibly jobs that they can actually do due to their impairment. Funds from ECIN will go a long way and we believe when ECIN does become a leading movement in Nigeria, this will be an agenda that will be taken seriously and addressed.

Thank you.

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