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Our Mission

We have plenty of causes, missions and #goals we hope to achieve. Watch the video to learn more.

About ECIN

Electricity is pivotal to the growth and development of any nation, yet we don’t have that but we keep talking about growth year in year out. The use of electricity has a direct impact on economic growth, and that’s why today we don’t have major manufacturers or industries rushing to build anything in Nigeria. We are one of the most populated countries in the world yet the majority of people don’t have access to any sort of electricity, and if you do then it certainly isn’t constant by any stretch of the imagination. It’s no secret, even the authorities charged with supplying electricity to the nation don’t have natural electricity at their office. We can make progress in other areas of infrastructure, but if this is not sorted then our economy and development as a nation won’t change much either.

Ideally majority of Nigerians, probably even other Africans would like to go back home to live a better life, but just like Nigeria, majority of African countries are not well developed enough for the average Nigerian or African. We either don’t have the basic human necessity at all or it’s just not as regular as it should be. Unfortunately, the way Nigeria is structured currently doesn’t help our working-class nationals based abroad, so even the eventuality of returning home at some point is even harder than it should be. Nigeria doesn’t have a structure that safeguards the working-class people, especially our younger professionals, and that has a direct impact on the development of our nation. We lose the majority of our high-end professionals to other nations abroad, that shouldn’t be the case. You don’t see majority of the best young professionals from Europe or American go over to Nigeria to work, so why should we be losing our talented individuals to them!
We talk about a better future for our nation, yet we don’t have a future for the future generation to look up to.

A lot of our problems in Nigeria are interlinked, so we can’t deal with one issue and leave the other, and there are processes we have to follow, certain problems have to be dealt with before dealing with others. It’s ludicrous to say you want to tackle or get rid of embezzlement within the government, but somehow you leave the people committing those crimes in a position of power and leadership.

Some movements within Nigeria are fighting for segregation and independence, some are fighting for the breakup of the nation. Either way, you still won’t have progress with the wrong individuals in charge. We as a movement believe Nigeria can excel with the right personnel’s in the right positions.

ECIN is campaigning for a together Nigeria not fighting for it, a Nigeria that cares for humanity before tribalism, a Nigeria that will liberate the oppression on our people by our own people. To make effective change within a nation like Nigeria, you need to be in the right position to make that happen, and That is why ECIN was formed and striving to give our people an option, a way out, something different, a new dimension, a structure and a much better quality of life.

ECIN is a movement that was established in March 2017 by a group of young, passionate professional Nigerians based abroad in Europe and America. This movement is led by a young entrepreneur and political enthusiast called kennedy A Jeston, along with other executive members who make up the standing committee. Majority of our standing committee grew up in Nigeria until their teenage or early adult years before venturing abroad, but some are still based back home. With that in mind they have an excellent overview and experience of living back home in Nigeria and abroad.


For over 50 years we’ve been developing as a nation, but in the last 20 to 30 years, is there any significant development any past or present government can pin point as a great achievement in our nation? Socially and economically Nigeria was apparently a better country in the 70’s, better than it is today, so we’ve gone backwards as a nation. Other nations are moving forward, inventing, discovering and developing all sorts of ideas on how to better their nation, we are still struggling to supply stable electricity and clean water for our people. At ECIN we believe the future of Nigeria can only be changed by a new wave of leaders and politicians, a new generation with goals, passion and ambition for a much better and effective Nigeria. Our current crop of leaders haven’t shown us anything positive or significant in the last 25 years. It’s not a secret that they’ve failed us as people and as a nation.
At ECIN, we are now calling on the younger and older generation of Nigeria who really wants change, the next generation of leaders to stand up and be counted, be a voice for your people, a voice for change, a voice for what you believe, a voice for the old and frail, a voice for humanity over tribalism, a voice for humanity over racism, a voice for the togetherness of tribes, a voice against bad governance, a voice for justice, a voice for a better life, a voice for democracy, but most importantly a voice for a much better and effective Nigeria.
Come, join, support us and let’s change and make Nigeria work for us all.

  • Population- 180million

  • Area- 923,768km2

  • Until the 1970s agriculture was the major foreign exchange

  • Largest oil producing country in Africa; sixth largest oil producing nation in the world

  • Oil accounts for 14% of Nigeria’s GDP and 90% of the country’s total export revenue

Get Involved

Now that you know about us, we want to get to know you. Find out how you can get involved with our work today!

Join Our Cause

Join Our Cause

We’re involved with everything Nigeria and aim to make a significant impact that will drive the country in the right direction. Visit our events calendar to see what’s coming up, or let us know of any other events you think ECIN should have some sort of representative.



With what we are trying to build and achieve, there is a lot that needs doing to get ECIN to a pivotal position. You can help with admin, mailers, event organising, charity work and much more. If you want to help and be part of this history making movement, please get in contact with us and we will find a suitable position for you.

Make A Donation

Make A Donation

If you’re as passionate about Nigeria as a country like we are but you don’t have the time to attend one of our events you can still make a difference with a monetary donation. your donations will go a long way in ensuring ECIN gets to the position where we can make crucial but positive and life changing decisions for the people of Nigeria.

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